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Tryfan to Burcot

We did it! What an epic adventure it was to cycle the 250 (hilly) miles from the foot of Thomas's favourite mountain, Tryfan, in Snowdonia back to Burcot. Despite some really quite stormy weather, the scenery was beautiful, and it was very special to ride with such an enthusiastic group of people, to whom Thomas meant so much. 


Huge thanks are due to everyone who has been involved both in participating in and organising the ride and also to our wonderful welcoming committee in Burcot. A great deal of footage has also been shot by Hilary and Gregor, our tireless support van team and camera crew, so watch this space for more on that. Head over to the facebook group too to see and share more photos of the ride. 

If you have donated to the fund already then thank you ever so much, and if you haven't and would like to then it's not too late - just head to the donation page and be sure to include a reference to identify it and do send us a message for the comments page if you would like to.


The Training

Climbing Tryfan
170-mile Cotswolds Loop
Tour de Salisbury
Boiling on Box Hill
The (ups and) Downs
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