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About the Woodland Project

A Love of Nature, and of Life

Thomas spent as much of his life enjoying the outdoors as possible, and it was his wish to create a space for others to do the same.

During his illness, he spoke of his desire to create a woodland or meadow that was open to the public, and in which wildlife could thrive. He left some money in his will towards it, and we are raising further funds to make his vision a reality.

We intend that the woodland will be as close as possible to his home in Burcot, and open to all as a space for those close to him to reflect and remember, and for the general public to enjoy peacefully. 


As Thomas worked in sustainability, and had even written papers on woodland management, it is very important that the space be planned and managed sustainably. An emphasis on native species and encouraging biodiversity will be key, and we will work closely with woodland organisations to make sure that his vision of a thriving ecosystem takes shape.


We look forward to seeing the woodland grow and mature, and hope to create a space that future generations will continue to nurture and value. Above all, we hope to create a magnificent place that Thomas would have been proud to have left to everyone.

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